Pax™ is designed to be a perfect time killer, both relaxing and challenging. No long-term objectives, no intricate rules. Just solve the puzzle and then another one.

If addiction gets you don't worry. You have unlimited puzzles.


  • Unlimited puzzles, freshly generated for you each time
  • Three difficulty levels
  • A simple tutorial to get you started
  • Easy drag/pinch gestures to adjust your view
  • Battery friendly
  • The full version is now FREE!

What reviewers are saying

"Pax is a title that could quite easily destroy my productivity. It’s a very simple puzzle game but aren’t the simple ones the most addictive too? Puzzle fans will love this indeed."

"What a lovely way to pass the time and enjoy yourself. Pax is one of those games that make it seem like you’re traveling through time – you won’t even realize how time flies by because you’ll be too engulfed in the game."

What users are saying

"I like the originality of this game and it's fun gameplay. Definitely worth the dollar if you want something original and fun."

"This is another example of a game with an original concept. Although i'm not a fans of this genre, i would still say this game worth the buck ! :)"

"The Game is lots of fun and the perfect Time-Killer, although the medium mode is a little bit too hard sometimes. Other than that I can just recommend it."

How to play

The objective of the game is to line all packs up so that each row is made of packs of the same kind. If you have multiple stacks, each row must also match all rows behind.

To remove a pack just tap it with your finger. Bombs destroy the whole row. Locks prevent the removal of packs.

That's it.

Just complete the built-in tutorial to get started in a few easy steps.



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Press kit

Reviewers are welcome to download Pax™ press kit as a zipped archive.