Level up your math skills with Treequation, a minimalist and innovative puzzle game featuring unlimited math puzzles represented as equation trees, and earn the prestigious Grandmaster title!

Play anywhere, anytime: this game has no ads and doesn't require Internet. 45 full levels included in the free version.

Like expression trees, equation trees represent operands as leaves and arithmetic operators as internal nodes. Your goal is to balance the tree by rearranging the movable nodes in a way that makes the equation true.

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Droppy Sky

Fly through an endless sky and drop objects from a tiny alien spaceship into the target containers without missing any.

Collect the coins dropped by the passing birds to unlock new objects and play the bonus stage for extra points!

Test your reflexes and compete against your friends and other players.

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Pax™ is designed to be a perfect time killer, both relaxing and challenging. No long-term objectives, no intricate rules. Just solve the puzzle and then another one.

If addiction gets you don't worry. You have unlimited puzzles.

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